It’s really sturdy, super speedy and amazing for your thigh muscles. Hopefully it will last me for many more years to come. $699 OXELO Town 5 XL Adult Scooter - Blue 4.0 5 16 (16) Available 1 colours. Hi David, Easy folding mechanism. Oxelo make a neat child platform which sticks to the front of the deck with heavy-duty velcro. Is this can be replaced or repaired? The extra width of the wheels provides more traction and better stability so I like that feature. Oxelo Town 9 Ef Adult Scooter: Condition: Used. I had to hold the strap out of the way when using the front foot-button to fold the scooter. The break on the handlebar is fab, the rear brake is great too. Get what you need now! As you can see from the video the packaging is very sturdy, coated cardboard and will protect the scooter during shipping very well. That’s not a problem for my use. Manufacturing date in June 2020. I have updated the review. The wheels are superb.. really love them! To be clear, the product recall only applies to Oxelo TOWN 9 EF models produced before week 26/2016. 339 Kč. You can buy the Oxelo Town 9 EF new Version 2 Adult Kick Scooter here: (Lowest Price: The handlebar stem is so sturdy and rigid that it could probably take quite bit of weight at the front. I usually cover about 5 miles with my daughter on a trip out, it's a great way chat together, better than bikes, its casual and you can scoot in your best clothes. The front part of the frame extends a little beyond the front wheel. Town 9 EF V2 Adult Scooter Our team designed this scooter for your daily rides over medium-range distances (from 2 to 5 km). Thank you for supporting our products. Then the stopping power of both brakes at once is amazing. We, in Decathlon, always strive to makes sports available to everyone via our affordable price, and we hope you are amongst those that has benefited from this business philosophy of ours. Clothing & Shoes…, Down Jackets, You can have all of the screws tightened at your local Decathlon workshop or do so yourself with the Allen keys provided (designed to fit all of the scooter's parts). The Globber Adult One does not have the same distinctive look at this Oxelo but it's still a great quality buy. This power system has a unilateral bearing, so when the motor running, the wheel will running together, and when you don’t use motor, you still can ride this scooter, the motor will not rotate, so the resistance is few. I like the Oxelo town 9 because it looks very distinctive and it turns heads as I explain below when I took it out for the first time. For example, one of our tests involves a machine folding the scooter 10,000 times to check its folding system. You can buy the Oxelo Town 9 EF upgraded Version 2 Adult Kick Scooter here: (USA Price: Just behind the folding clip on the handlebar stem there is a bracket with a hole. I’ve covered an awful lot of miles on my scooter and it still looks like new. When it’s locked in place it isn’t going to move at all. It may not be, but it looks like ceramic-like, extremely tough and fairly chip-proof. 6 sold. You are quite right. Glad you are enjoying the Oxelo overall! The rear end then swings up and clips into place with a sprung clip located on the handlebar stem. Very highly recommend this scooter! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Oxelo Town 9 Easy Fold Adult Scooter with Hand Brake and Suspension (2015 Version) (White) at If you return a product at any of our store locations, we will gladly help you find the best alternative product or refund you on the spot. Its not super light weight, but that’s good as it means it’s a sturdy piece of kit. Not only will they stay in position on the handlebar stem, they are so rigid and tough that they will withstand any amount of snapping the handlebars into and out of them. Under normal circumstances, if you ride the scooter on a flat street most of the time then it won’t get scraped. Well used, plenty of life left. Oxelo Town 9 In Use This is one of the smoothest adult scooters I have ridden. We aim to sustainably bring the power of sport to everyone, everywhere, by designing the best products at the best prices, innovating for quality and performance, San Francisco, 735 Market St. Combat Sale…. I just had to figure out how to unfold the scooter with the clip on the rear fender and unfold the handlebars to set it up and ride. Select the Petrol Blue color before adding this product to The white pain is really great, it looks like the powder-coated type of paint rather than a wet-spray. Kolobežka pre dospelých Town 9 je tiež vybavená zvončekom na signalizáciu v meste. Simply stand opposite your scooter with the frame straight in front of you and press the pedal, and your Town 9 is folded in less time than it took you to read these instructions. I would recommend that you add some under deck protection if you will be riding over large bumps in the road or going over sidewalk kerbs. Rocky Clay. This scooter ticks most of the boxes I have, but am a little concerned about its performance in damp conditions - a concern facing most other scooters too, apart from those with air-filled/solid rubber wheels! Make it hard for those street thieves and they’ll move on! Emailed customer service but did not get any reply. The suspension, both front and back, are brilliant, they make such a difference to the ride. Effacer les filtres fermer. The wheels have zero grip and I've nearly come a cropper a couple of times. Free shipping for many products! Oxelo Town 9 Easyfold Kick Scooter. I have reached out to Decathlon and they initially said that would issue a refund for those in the U.S. but I have not received any paper work. Most scooters use this urethane type tires and they are not for wet pavements at all. Once I saw got stock, straight away place the order. If you return a product you will receive a refund for the purchase price plus any applicable sales taxes, less any non-refundable charges. You should always wear protective equipment (helmet, knee pads and elbow pads) when scootering. There are a couple of spacer blocks inside which keep the folded scooter from rattling around inside the box while in transit. Oxelo is a French company famous for their urban mobility vehicles and kick scooters in Europe. Oxelo make some of the best kick scooters on the market and the Town 9 EF is one of their best. Just as easy for the handles. We have equipped this adult scooter with large 200 mm HIGH BOUNCE PU rubber wheels for high-performance scootering. As a result there is little or no vibration carried through to my hands when I ride. Is It Worth Paying Less For The Stompee Balance Bike? I saw that in the beginning from this page you said: "The French are rather protectionist about their manufacturing so it's unlikely that the Oxelo scooters will be made in China anytime soon" However I found a Oxelo scooter was made in China and the scooter looks exactly the same. Couldn't be bothered selling it so went out with my daughter on it, she was on her bike. There some scratches on the handle bar but overall condition is very good. Sunglasses…, Weight Training, I'm so glad I kept it. They are based in Lille in the north of France, near Belgium and have around 50 employees. We are glad you find them of great use and we are equally pleased to hear that you are using our product almost on a daily basis to commute and fetch your son. Obviously the 200mm wheels are great for commuting as it takes less kicks to go further on larger wheels. Trotineta MID 9 este reglabilă în înălțime, perfectă pentru deplasările prin oraș (pe distanțe de până la 2 km). Prise en main de l'Oxelo Town 9 EF V1, Trottinette Adulte. Running Shoes…, Gloves, I don’t find it too heavy to carry short distances. Scooter…, Basketball, A great feature and another reason that I do not need to fit the carry strap. Men Sale…, City Biking, Precise handlebar height adjustment for users between 4'9" and 6'5". I am going abroad for a long time so it will be impossible for me to take it with me. Fold and unfold your scooter and handles in 1 second using the Easyfold design! Isothermal Cases…, Headlamps, Thanks @Slim. Rear wheel brake. Some bolts Please Note: You also need to buy controller, accelerator, battery etc, please confirm this first. offers 1,588 oxelo town 9 kick scooter products. It makes up for it with its sturdy and stable built, as well as it’s secure park-and-lock feature that allows your scooter to be locked to a pole securely without worrying about theft. it’s super-high quality. Is a good scooter because is easy to use, super easy to fool. Ended: 01 Nov, 2020 14:18:40 AEDST. Base Layers…, Swimsuits, Oxelo say that the rear axle bearing is mounted in a shock absorbing material. Many thanks, Oxelo Town 9 Best Adult Kick Scooter Review By Toyrider, Comparez les avis laissés par les autres acheteurs pour être certain de faire le bon choix (au cas où vous seriez hésitant...) lors de l'achat de votre produit Trottinette Oxelo Town 9 … Fishing…, Archery, The Oxelo Town 9 is not made by a scooter-specific manufacturer, but by a major sports enthusiast store called Decathlon. OXELO Town 9 EF V2 Adult Scooter - Petrol Blue 4.1 5 39 (39) Available 1 colours. Free shipping. There is nothing childish about the Town 9, it’s very much a personal transport machine for mature people that need to get somewhere conveniently. As they are fairly narrow, they are good for stability as you can’t make huge movements that will steer you into a wipeout. Here in London they cost £8 - about $10, and they're probably slightly cheaper in continental Europe. I will change the review. I’lll be carrying the scooter in one hand when folder from now on. this allows your (small) child to stand in from of you and hold the handlebars in the center. Shoes…, Skis, So let me explain a little more. More information in the Decathlon PDF information sheet here Was tempted by the Town 9 EF but most reviews said the 7 XL is more comfortable to use. Anyway the delivery was extremely fast. Only bad side it's very noisy but once you work out where its coming from easy enough to tape up the noise. Each scooter is fitted with a traceability sticker that shows which week it was manufactured. Selling because got an electric one. So it was with some pleasure that I got this one home and was able to open the box for the first time. “Easyfold” (which I will abbreviate as “EF”) refers to Oxelo’s patented folding mechanism that makes it markedly different from all other brands of adult kick scooters. My question is this - are there any wheels that you're aware of that could be fitted to this scooter that would improve its performance on wet pavements? Great review! This looks like a really useful addition if you need to do a local school-run with minimum fuss. Tubes…, Day Packs, It folds very easily, is engineered well and the overall feel is of a ‘professional’ commuter scooter. Squash…, Running, Hi Jose, glad you enjoyed the review! Lights…, Tires, This is one of the smoothest adult scooters I have ridden. So, a big WASTE OF MONEY at the moment, unusable and this is not a cheap manual scooter. FirstBIKE Balance Bikes - Award Winning Toddler Strider Bike, The Mid-Priced Strider 12 Sport No Pedal Balance Bike Is A Good Buy, Strider 12 Pro Is The Only All Aluminum Lightweight Balance Bike, Balance Bikes Guide - when choosing the best balance bike, The Highly Recommended Mini Micro Kick Scooter For Toddlers, Best Quality Adult Kick Scooter? Absolutely, yes without any hesitation. Details about Oxelo adult scooter town 9 See original listing. Its the future of personal transport and fun round town. Kids' Bottoms…, All Sale, The bag you can buy for extra £10 is really perfect fit, good buy, it is a perfect fit and easy to put in if you know how. *CORRECCIÓN: El peso son 7,4 kg, no 4,7 kg* Hoy os traigo la review del Oxelo Town 9 V2. This scooter is known as the Oxelo Town 9. Recently Karen, her husband Phil, and I met to perform rolling resistance tests on three 12-inch pneumatic-tire scooters, including a very high-end Czech scooter. Always put bars right down and make sure the handle bar end is the orange end of the bag then zip the other end up a bit and push the scooter up against it, then zip it, perfect. Me and my wife bought two town 9 scooters. Another neat idea from the French designers to keep their clothes clean on their commute to work. Always been kept indoor. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The Oxelo Town 9 EF in this review was fully pre-assembled out of the box. You can drag it behind you in what they call ‘trolley mode’. Exercise…, Bikes, However, the handlebar brake is useful when you mount the scooter as it’s stationary, or want to remain still on a hill. Men's Tops…, Kids' Tops, Enjoy low prices every day. Cheaper scooters use those sprung nipple-type clips that are much more difficult to use in a hurry. You can repair and extend the lifespan of your scooter with spare parts that can be ordered through your local Decathlon store's Workshop. Yes! As well as lab tests we do field tests - some measured and others based on the testers' opinions - to really put the product through its paces. I had my scooter fixed without issue after the product recall. Absolutely love this scooter! Se potrivește aproape oricui! I've found that over time the clips become far less effective at holding the handlebars when folded. Also the carry strap add a small layer of complexity when folding the scooter. A clever touch is the multi height ribs which wrap around each grip. Women's Tops…, Men's Jackets, Pre-Owned. Your location: Jackets…, Shoes, However, the strap needs to fe fed inside the front frame extension otherwise it interferes with the folding mechanism. The ABEC 7 bearings are very high quality and, by making it easier for you to push yourself along, limit fatigue. Hi folks. Is the Phase Two The Best Razor Dirt Scooter? We experienced this only from one scooter other scooter works perfect. The weight of a small bag of groceries does not seem to affect the front-loading balance of the scooter. The shape is very comfortable, more like a luxury bicycle feel. Dance…, Climbing, I did some digging and it seems that Oxelo keep their design and prototyping department in France. I use the Town 9 to run errands and go to restaurants in my neighborhood and I don't have to lock it up outside. I checked my Oxelo Town 9 and I I is indeed made in China. Use it much like a bicycle front brake and you’ll get the idea. With this said, I need to warn everyone that Decathlon has issued a recall on the Town 9 due to a faulty handlebar. I think this is because Oxelo or Decathlon do not yet use USA distribution. Carry the scooter with handles facing the floor, it's easier. C $435.89. Baseball…, Kayaking, What's the trick? The folding mechanism is really easy to use and an awful lot easI’ve than other scooters and cheaper models in the Oxelo range. It’s got a wide footplate thingy.. you know.. the bit you stand on! They will need to determine if it can be fixed and if not, if you are still entitled for a replacement products. I could only suggest you to go to our store for them to find a permanent solution for you. Con un precio realmente contenido frente a sus hermanos mayores 79,95€, el Oxelo Town 5 va más que sobrado para un recorrido de 2 kms. Women Sale, Tops…, Kids Sale, Tops, That makes this Oxelo great for longer distances as it won't be tiring to ride. GENUINE OXELO TOWN 9 EF V2 ADULT SCOOTER, PINK COLOR. In Decathlon, we believe that to get this kind of information from our users is the best way to improve what we are doing. Vendez et achetez votre matériel sportif d’occasion ! Since it’s release, the scooter has received many positive reviews and fits just about any purpose perfectly! This scooter is in compliance with the European Standard for sport scooters EN14619. A large wheel makes it easier to build up speed with minimum effort. It will be with big pleasure that we will welcome you ! The quick-release lever is very strong and it has a vice-like grip on the stem. Leggings, Tights…, Bike, You learn quickly that the hand brake is no use in the rain as it doesn’t get a good enough purchase on the wheel. Playing next. 1 x Belt 4. It is totally worth the money. Now onto the clips themselves because I often see that the handlebar storage clips are the part that a cheaper scooter will overlook. As for the price, I assure you this issue will be brought up to our production team and product manager so that your next shopping experience will be more enjoyable. 14 lbs., making it easy to move in "trolley" mode: fold it up and drag it along like a suitcase. Next, the stiff suspension inside the base of the steering stem absorbs road bumps and finally the rear axle shock absorbing bearing housing material absorbs rear wheel vibration. First of all, thank you very much for your feedback on our products. OXELO. Still, it's a unique look and a great buy so if you have a lot of change in your pocket you may still buy the Oxelo Town 9 EF.