I have no clue what he’s done lately…perhaps maybe even a more ‘physical’ Q (one who runs, jumps, shoots guns rather than hiding behind a laptop ?) well obvioiusly we’re all going to like different films for different reasons, even within a specific genre – and thank goodness for that. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE- Epic entry, the higher budget shows. That’s some “weighted formula”. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (Serious to the max, ski sequences, reminiscent of the superior ON HER MAJESTIE’S SECRET SERVICE) As for Roger Moore films being the worst, I respectfully disagree. Not particularly entertaining. When “James Bond” became an agent helping the DEA? You know his name. Not excellent. Can’t recall the Lazenby film. The directing is different, because the intention is different. The action sequences were the best yet, especially by the beach and the snowy mountains. Rough and tough action scenes complimented by heavy drama and true love reminded me of On Her Majesties Secret Service. Non stop fun and Jaws was hilarious. 2 Timothy Dalton Bridge of Spies and The Martian – 2 very predictable over long recent The world's most visited unofficial James Bond 007 website with daily updates, news & analysis of all things 007 and an extensive encyclopaedia. It was a fitting end, to Judy Dench’s contribution to the Bond-Franchise. I apologize for sounding like a broken-record on this topic, but I am very passionate about film, and extremely agitated with the increasing amount of ‘garbage’ coming out of Hollywood these days. 6. I highly rate “Tomorrow Never Dies”. This brooding, brutal character is not the Bond that I know and enjoy. She was the focus of the story. Derivative crap. That having been said, I saavy the ‘hurt-feelings’; I felt the same with JJ Abrams take on the re-make of the ‘Wrath of Khan’, where instead of Spock, it’s KIRKS time to die, while saving the Enterprise. Casino Royale is the best Bond movie ever made. Ugh. was kind of a mess. 11 –> 7.2/10 –> ‘Licence To Kill’ Skyfall is overrated. It’s probably better to look at the Bond series as two distinct continuities. DIE ANOTHER DAY-My favorite starring Brosnan, and better than any of Bond 90’s movies Lots of fun and felt like the most expensive budget for a Bond film to this point. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! They will have to think of something quickly, because ‘Bourne-5’ is being filmed and it WILL have Damon and Renner in it…which (sadly) makes scheduling & timeline/intersecting ‘spy-universe’ complications difficult for Cruise, who really wanted to do another Mission Impossible with Renner…who BTW is still doing Marvel movies………it boggles the mind to imagine how movie-exec’s and their lawyers manage to pull all of this off, without getting sued. 3 years later I was just old enough to see Spy Who Loves Me with a school friend without parents. It was average in field where previous Bond films were below average in every way. It’s okay that you have a minority opinion, but it’s no more justified for you to try to cheapen their reviews than would be for them to cheapen yours. Unfortunately, really, really unfortunately, that is all I see when I think of Daniel Craig in the role. One just simply doesn’t talk about it. Keep in mind that getting involved in a ‘super-spy’ thriller is TRICKY business, these days. But then you have the 2006 Daniel Craig reboot, which went back to Bond’s origin story with Casino Royale, therefore resetting the sort-of timeline. Due to some quibbles over rights, the latter is effectively a remake of Thunderball. Only time will tell. And those movies are just big piles of crap and only successful because of tens of millions going into global marketing. Case in point: 1967’s Casino Royale had no less than six James Bonds within its spooferifous walls, none holding a candle to the Con’. Let’s get JJ Abrams (Star Trek, Mission Impossible), Christopher McQuarie (Mission Impossible) and maybe Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman Secret Service, Kick-ass) into a room to figure this out. 2) if all the disgruntled brothers would start taking terrorism as a hobby, the world would really be a bad place! But it didn’t feel like a real Bond movie much like Diamonds Are Forevver didn’t either. Very underrated. Skyfall is a good film. The Living Daylights 3. Whoever compiled this list must have been the same plank who scored And I’ve begun to sympathize with the film, and I am now convinced that there is an intelligent film behind it. Casino Royale gets Bond back to where Ian Fleming intended: a “blunt instrument”. Keep up to date with the world of James Bond, with articles and news about the 007 movies, books and more. More power to you, sir–as long as you do realize that you’re in an extreme minority. Streaming; Film; BOND BINGE James Bond movies in order of release – from Dr. No to No Time To Die . My favorites – again not in any particular order: DR NO – Very satisfying debut , even without the high budget and gadgets. VIEW TO A KILL-( kind of slow and boring but some good stunts and Roger Moore was impressive considering his age here) Myself I’m a live and let live individual when it comes to the idea of homosexuality. Here’s where you can rent those movies or watch them with a cable “add on.” Goldeneye- rent on Amazon Prime; Tomorrow Never Dies- rent on Amazon Prime; The World Is Not … As long as it’s not Daniel Radcliffe. “Never Say Never Again” and the first “Casino Royale” don’t count. Sounds like you miss Roger Moore and cars that turn into submarines. and #2 spots. Skyfall is seriously overrate, it’s a good movie but it’s no where near the best. I don’t agree with the order of the list, but I’m a huge Bond fan. But no harm done, since it’s by a consensus and all. I can’t help but feeling that certain outside events (negative publicity) disproportionally influenced the minds of many (US) critics that are being counted on RottenTomatoes. There are dull stretches like the disposal of a car that contains an irrelevant character who is already dead and that (zzz) golf game. His taste for the finer things came from Fleming’s understanding that most people in post WWII could not afford much but at least they wanted to read about people who could. The Best Bond movie…and there have been quite a few BAD Ones…is “From Russia with Love”. The charm of the Daniel Craig films was a certain Je ne sais quo but the rest remained the same…. Read More: How ‘Skyfall’ Became One of the Best James Bond Movies Ever 'Spectre' (2015) Eon Productions was once again in possession of the rights to Thunderball , including Bond… Sky Fall- Felt like 2 movies in one. But even my worst Bond Films ((Diamonds, Live and Let Die, Moonraker, Octopussy and World Is Not Enough) are all highly watchable and mostly enjoyable. The movies that followed have all been part of the same chronology, much more serialized than we ever saw in the original Bond run – particularly with evil organizations Quantum and Spectre providing a throughline between each movie. Whether you think it’s overrated or not is an opinion. George Lazenby wasn’t bad Unless they were aiming to pull more Urban ‘twenty-somethings’ into the theatres, I just don’t see how ‘Post-Modern/Urban hip-hop’ interfaces with the Bond-universe in any way, shape or form. Although it’s never explicitly stated, you can comfortably assume that these films run in sequence. So, because the old movies had stupid crap, we should forgive the new ones for having stupid crap? And just in case the writers are reading this, whatever you do, do NOT tie another double-0 naked to a chair and play bocce ball with his nether regions. Craig is the best Bond yet. Casting director has a nice ring to it…lol, “I am NOT a rascist; let’s get that out of the way right now;”. I respect your opinion; but let me tell you; I’ve watched Goldfinger, Skyfall, and all these damned movies just last year (except for From Russia with Love). It has a love/hate with Bond’s history, non-sensibly bringing back a car from a previous movie, but at the same time giving Bond purposefully low tech toys and brooding about him being a dinosaur. Then it became time to move over for Roger Moore, who offered a lightly winking and intelligent Bond for those burned-out ’70s times. Diamonds are Forever is way too high on the list. It simply was not a ‘Bond-Theme’. Broke Back was uninteresting and finally – depressing. Nobody Does It Better ( The Spy Who Loved Me) 2. And, while we're at it, who is the best Bond? One wonders. Man with the Golden Gun in the bottom 5? They essentially made the story and the dialogues up on the spot during filming. Well I do agree that “SPECTRE” is not the ‘masterpiece’ or ‘phenomenon’ that “Goldfinger”, “Skyfall”, “From Russia With Love” and “Casino Royale” were. Please refresh the page and try again. Connery did not look handsome here, strange because its only 2 years after his peak THUNDERBALL. In anticipation of No Time To Die, and to celebrate the life and work of the late Sean Connery, we’re reaching into the classified files for every James Bond movie ever ranked by Tomatometer! She was Silva’s target. I feel like a lot of this is the nostalgia speaking. Bond usually exists in a Simpsons-like state of suspended animation, where the man stays more or less the same age (give or take a decade or two) while the world evolves around him. It all comes to personal preference, in my opinion Craig’s Casino Royale is 60% boring, it starts really cool and breaks the James Bonds conventions but Le Chiffre is what saves the movie, for me it drags too much, you can easily remove 35 mins of the movie without hurting it. Definitely the best Bobd film of the 90’s and Bronsan’s biggest and most entertaining entry. We like what we like. Will NEVER watch any James Bond movie with plastic face Craig! Goldfinger is my favorite. Yes, ok. Perhaps Excellent is not the right word. That ranking is pretty stupid. In real life men vastly outnumber women in governments and military. Also how the fuck did Batman get pass his physical and psych evaluation without falling into a pit. Total nonsense and demonstrates why Rotten Tomatoes is so flawed. RELATED: GoldenEye 007 Remaster Footage Leaks Over a … Golden Eye- More serious Bond after Moore. She believed in him when no-one else (except Moneypenny) would. 01 –> 9.5/10 –> ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ Well I didn’t expect Spectre to be ranked at such a low position…. I could die a happy man if three Bond films had a little of ‘me’ in them, in some way shape or form. This new formula of larger-then-life, live-action fight scenes is not what made the Ian Fleming novels so excellent. lol OK. Another dubious list. Got to wonder why a talented story teller would write a full bore homosexual piece. And the one with the submarine in Istanbul? “Can’t miss him. Loved the Scottish Highlands with some back story. ! Not Bond. Skyfall is number one!? No toilet paper, running water – how would they feel going into a cafe and ordering breakfast… It was an excellent film, and some films are gritty, have broken characters requiring one to see and accept the flaws of the human condition. George Lazenby was a “wooden” Bond who lasted just one movie. Yes, Quantum of Solace was bad, A major plot twist was stolen directly from Clint Eastwood’s late 70’s “The Eiger Sanction.” The nude woman covered in gold worked in Goldfinger; an attempt to recreate that in QoS simply shows a lack of imagination. Ah yes. The upper end of the list is dominated by Sean Connery, with his first five outings in the tuxedo all sitting pretty in the top 10. Bond is forced to return from retirement when the MI6 building explodes. Too slight and small to be a badass like Craig and too pockmarked to believably attract women since he wasn’t the former. If I ever do get arrested I hope I will have a Bond girl. Its the younger crowd that seems to like the garbage that’s been the Daniel Craig Bond movies. My list would be the same as yours except for two films. Love this discussion and can’t wait to see the new Spectre soon!!! Or maybe they’re just not wearing nostalgia-tinted glasses and admit that, objectively, the older Bond films are rather silly and a bit antiquated. In my opinion, Mendes should stop making Bond films, considering that he isn’t great at it. QUANTUM OF SOLACE- (Some boring stretches, but again watchable) However, by now I’ve ended up watching it multiple times because it’s an interesting study to see so much go wrong in a film. 06 –> 8.0/10 –> ‘Doctor No’, Good films! I mean it’s a good bond movie but I wouldnt put it anywhere near the top. Agreed. You’re right except that Lazenby is probably the weakest part of that film. Connery was the best, Brosnan was much better than the ratings here suggest, although he couldn’t fight worth a damn. were in – it helped to be high. Skyfall number 1? Get your dose of Ian Fleming's spy from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig with our expert online coverage and a rich, colour print magazine dedicated to spies. I can understand why Daniel Craig is sick of doing it. For most Bond fans Connery’s Goldfinger is at the top. I dare say it ‘feels’ better thanSpectre to me, on a darker, grittier level. How did they feel about Broke Back Mountain? Casino Royale would take my top spot, but I could see why that would disputed as older aficionados will always see Sean Connery as the “real James Bond”, not to mention it *is* starkly different from the tenor of those films. Then they slip into mediocrity where the explosions and nonsense overwhelm the plot. Not ‘origin’ stories…we have enough of that with the ‘Gotham’ TV series and the X-men, and I’m weary of that. My personal faves are: 1. Action was breathtaking. Once the 25th finally comes out, don't expect the secret agent juggernaut to slow down any time soon. OCTOPUSSY-(Silly but kind of fun) the short version is that he was suppose to continue with the bond franchise but he walked away because he could not eye to eye with the producers. Each one (in the series) deals with certain ‘key’ topics. Snore…….. Not my favorite but still a good one. The original saga began with Dr No, and runs all the way through to Die Another Day, released 40 years later. Best Bond film – Goldfinger! What completely fabricated nonsense. As for the ‘character-study’…I see your point, but only from the perspective of the relationship between ‘M’ and Bond. In the eyes of the writers, directors, producers, etc…one can never be ‘too great’ to take on the role of James Bond, and now that Dame Judy Dench has been retired from her role as ‘M’…it’s probably a foregone-conclusion that Daniel Craig will be moving-on, because minus the chemistry that existed between them…it just won’t feel the same; ‘Spectre’ proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt, given my friends/family who shared their reactions to seeing a picture of ‘M’ on the wall, towards the climax of ‘Spectre’…we all agreed that her absence in his chain-of-command is critical to the success (or failure) of any following Bond-films with him in it. Casino Royale has a higher tomato rating though?? Daniel Craig is the worst of the bunch, even Lazenby was better. That movie hit all the right notes for the blaxploitation era. Well, you see…Bond isn’t suppose to be a real person. Totally agree, aside from Deakins beautiful cinematography I thought Skyfall was very average. Just a fun fact: Sean Connery set the standard back in the day. Skyfall was terrible! I am going see ‘Spectre’ in a few hours. ON HER MAJESTIE’S SECRET SERVICE- Lazenby was solid as Bond and the film was well made, but had ta bit too many slow spots. Entertaining might be more appropriate. 23 –> 3.4/10 –> ‘A View To A Kill’ What do they imagine it was like in the days of “Unforgiven”? Oh, please. But, ever since Dr No kicked off the mega franchise in 1962, we've asked, which is the best Bond movie? Craig is boring and generic just the new movies. Formulaic is mentioned in one criticism of this franchise. Bardem was sleep-walking through that role; he had no choice…likely because he was warned (or he made a conscious effort) NOT to channel ANY of his character from ‘No Country for Old Men’…which is a crying shame. Oh they left a trail only a hacker could follow so Bond goes by himself to his childhood home? You can’t have a number one Bond film without Connery in it. The movies got too involved with special effects and explosions. And that’s OK. Nevermind, something’s wrong in Bond-land. Their plots make no damn sense. It was a pointless movie and homosexual themes do nothing for me. 14 –> 6.5/10 –> ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ Boring and devoid of personality. Well, if you look at Daniel Craig’s imdb, it lists him as starring in “bond 25” with an unknown future date, so it will be him for at least one more movie. Not to mention that the “Bond Girls” were decidedly sub-par as well. I’ve loved seeing her ever since ‘The Brotherhood of the Wolf’ (French martial-arts movie with Vincent Casell & Marc Dacascos) and of course the ‘Matrix’. On a more serious note, there is a huge difference between the older Bond films and the newer Bond films. It’s a film that spends over half it’s running time in glamorous Kentucky, where Bond is dragged from place to place and doesn’t do much other than convert the true hero of the story, Pussy Galore, with the power of his penis. In this 50th year of the James Bond series, with the dismal "Quantum of Solace" (2008) still in our minds, "Skyfall" triumphantly reinvents 007 in one of the best Bonds ever. Dalton and Craig are just way to serious for Bond and lack sophistication in the sense of I can speak 10 languages and can identify a great wine by taste. Overnight James Bond fans heard that No Time To Die will be delayed for a fifth time to October 8, 2021. And such a waste of Monica Bellucci’s time and acting-talents. Have to agree — Thunderball remains my fave (saw it again yesterday) and On Her Majestys Secret Service is my second fave. Give me a break . Die Another Day, more like Die Before The End Of This Movie Because It’s So Bad. I read Proulx’s “The Shipping News” years back – fantastic novel. I vaguely remember my dad taking me to see Man With The Golden Gun when I was about 7. Connery looked very handsome here and the female villains were extremely sexy. Since 1962, James Bond has been the spy whose reputation precedes him: As international man of mystery, as guru of gadgets and espionage thrills, and as the agent who never encountered a boundary – country, or personal space – he couldn’t sneak across. This having been said, it is my hope that Michael Fassbender (rather than Idris) IS being seriously considered as either a replacement for Craig, or (at the very least) to be cast as ‘another’ double-O agent. There are some occasional bright-spots to be sure…but it seems the majority of stuff is either ‘prequels’ or ‘origin-stories’ with very little emphasis on offering a respectful-nod towards the very films/stories they are hoping to ‘enhance’. :: involuntary shiver :: Thx, I’m humbled by your reply. These ratings seem biased to the most recent films, however it is clear that Sean Connery remains the best Bond ever with four of the top six movies. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Sean Connery movies were the best Oh and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service should be bottom tier. I think with Craig’s characterisation the idea is what training and background, personality, provides this character with a license to kill and ability to do it. Directed by Sam Mendes. 6. Then From Russia and Goldfinger. It doesn’t take itself too serious, while providing more serious tones. I would say my second favorite Bond film after THUNDERBALL Fun Fun Fun, every minute. We also know that The Man with the Golden Gun takes place after Live and Let Die because 007 meets Sheriff JW Pepper for the second time. Skyfall – ITV. None of the Daniel Craig movies were any good. Updating Bond by stripping him of any personality and make him “dark” makes him generic and typical these days. The go-to insult for anything that’s different from expectations. Pretty insightful. Oh yeah, so they could put Skyfall and Casino Royale at the top, because those films couldn’t make it on the Tomatometer alone. Disappointed they just ignored the existence of “Skypecall” and “The Speculum of Quantums” tbh. My single most disliked part of the film was the choice of theme-song (during opening-titles) I just don’t saavy how (or why) it was chosen.

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